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SEO checklist. Step by step website optimization.

The service www.seochecklist.ru was created for optimizers, site owners, and is a list of tasks that must be performed to successfully optimize a site. Thanks to this service you do not miss something important.

Especially the service will be useful for novice optimizers, because it will help to optimize the site step by step. For beginners seo optimizers checklist can be a good learning material.

Seo check list consists of six categories: “keyword analysis”, “website structure”, “technical audit”, “content”, “links”, “social activity”. Each category contains items (you can add your own points). When you hover the cursor over the item name, a hint is displayed.

An example of the first items from the keyword analysis category:

An example of the first items from the keyword analysis category:

As you can see, the seo checklist reminds some organizer to optimize the site. Marking items already completed, you will not forget anything, and you will always have a clear plan of upcoming actions.

If it is more convenient for you to work with the paper version of the checklist, or you need to demonstrate it to clients, you can download and print a PDF version from the site.

The service was created by the well-known Sergey Koksharov (devaka.ru) and is absolutely free.

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